View Full Version : Tuning/Pit Strategy Suggestion

17-05-2015, 04:24
I don't know if this is true for higher tier racing, but is it possible to make the tire type and pressure specifications in "Edit Pit Strategy" match what is actually available to each car under Tuning Setup?

I first noticed this in Superkarts where pitting doesn't have any value, really, but then noticed again in the McLaren F1 3hr endurance race that the tires available under Tuning might have only two types and a set range of pressures available, while for the same car same track the pit strategy offers me 6 different tire types and a different pressure spectrum to choose from. This wasn't such a big deal, but now in the UK Clio Cup where there are races with mandatory pit stops and mandatory tire changes (my first encounter with these race rules), I have no idea what type of tire to select for the pit strategy as none of the 6 types offered match the two types available under tuning Setup.