View Full Version : Problems / suggestions for Project Cars PLEASE READ

Nash is God
17-05-2015, 05:48
Really loving this game, but there are things that need to be worked on or improved or added IMO

1- When you run a race on infineon (sonoma gp in particular) longer than 13 laps or so, the ai just make themselves run out of gas or blow tires rather than pit on time, this happens both racing and in spectator mode
2- really dig spectator mode, great feature, BUT you need to add camera cuts so when a car crashes or blows up, cuts tire, etc, you can see it rather than miss it and be curious
3- controller problems ( heard its being patched )
4- Fullcourse cautions / safety car really need- heard this being added possibly, but this game needs it, it would also give the game a chance to take destroyed or out of gas cars off the track without just spawning them in the pits
5- Track grid- i know why this was added, but its annoying that if i want to run a 43 car stock car race on alot of tracks, i cant because of track grid or garage space, i say let me run as much as i want anywhere IMO
6- The ai are a little too reckless, atleast on certain difficulties, but more on the starts their too reckless, they need to be more stable when a race starts
7- hopefully more dlc added, especially tracks
8- Every now and then frame rate and graphic issues, but i dont care that much too bitch about graphics so
9- game audio and video skips every now and then