View Full Version : Current and NEXT lap invalidated

17-05-2015, 06:19
On several tracks, several turns before the start line (especially at LeMans, maybe a mile away from it) having to replay an entire lap to setup a lap time is a serious time suck....I just want to get a few laps in. I understand why the rule is there, but it should be set at the last turn, often on my first lap I'm simply testing the limits of the car, and having to race another full lap to get my time recorded is a lot of grief.

At the very least, I d like to be able to see all my lap times and best sectors with asterisks by invalid times. Having to be in time trial session is not conducive for testing tuning.

17-05-2015, 07:24
You can see every lap time wheter it is valid or not.

17-05-2015, 09:17
Oh man! That is such a pain. I'm in the Caterham LMP3 championship and in the 2hr LeMans race I probably only set 3 or 4 lap times from the 30 odd laps I completed due to going slightly wide or whatever, but along the Porsche Curves so often I either made a mistake or got pushed wide by a GT3 car I was overtaking, and got the double penalty. But there's no way that going off circuit there is of any benefit to the next lap! There's at least 4 corners before the start line. If it was at the final Ford Chicanes then fine, cutting there will give a big speed boost across the line, but not hitting the wall half a mile before.

Also there should be a way to determine that you haven't gained any time by going off-piste. I understand why the rule is there, but it's a pain in the ass if it's not your fault or it's a stupid mistake and you're crawling back through the gravel only to be told your lap time has been disallowed.