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17-05-2015, 06:48
To many this will be self explanatory, but I see similar themed comments popping up here and there, so I thought I would have a go at writing a little guide to try and explain how the career mode works in a bit more detail.

There maybe errors or inaccuracies, so if anyone sees anything that isn't right, or anything needs adding, let me know, and I'll fix it, I am using the PS4 version, so things maybe slightly different in the XBO or PC version, but I'd imagine the meat of it is the same, so here we go.

The career is made up of two main elements, your primary goal is to perform well in your main championship, throughout your career you will also be offered secondary goals in the form of invitational events, I'll explain these two goal elements separately below.

Primary championship.

Your primary championship is the championship you select when you start the career, you can see all of these primary championships from the starting point screen, and these are listed in tiers, 8 through 1, when you first start your career, you are free to choose from any discipline, from any tier.

There are three historic goals that are tied to how you choose your first and subsequent primary championships, these are listed in the career section of your driver network profile, if you want to try and get the zero to hero goal, you must start at tier 8 and work your way up, the other two goals can, if you so wish, be achieved on the way to this goal, or you can start a different season, or seasons (there is no limit to how many concurrent careers you can run) to try and achieve these goals.

The primary championship runs from year beginning to year end, at the end of the season you will receive offers from teams (including usually your own team) for your primary championship for the following year through email, I must highlight that you will not receive new primary championship contract offers until the season ends.

How well you perform in your primary championship will determine the offers you get, if you do well and win, then you may be offered a contract in a higher tier, if you don't do well, the chances are you will only be offered a contract to resign with your current team, or maybe a new team but in the same tier, if you want to progress to another tier, you must perform well!.

Each of the primary championships carries an accolade, gold or silver, these accolades can be seen on the accolade page of the career section in the driver network, each of these gold accolades goes towards unlocking an endorsement, your first endorsement requires two gold accolades, it is worth pointing out that these accolades are not global, there only count towards the current career you have loaded, at this time, apart from a trophy or achievement, I am unsure what affect, if any, these accolades or endorsements have on the game.

Secondary Championships / Invitationals.

Throughout your season, you may be offered the chance to participate in secondary events, invitationals, these events will be offered to you once you have completed certain goals within your season, you can see all these goals from the invitations page on the career section in your driver network profile, the goals for these range from completing a certain number of laps or races, getting a certain number of podium finishes, or winning certain primary championships, again, these are not global, and the goals required only count from the season you have currently loaded.

Once you have completed enough goals to be offered an invitational, you will receive an email from that team offering you a drive, it is important to make note of the date of the event in your email, as you will not be able to take part in the invitational until you have reached that date, you do not select the event from the email like your main championships.

Once you reach that date (which could be in the following year) you are then able to take part, it is not necessary to take part in the event for the progression of the season, if you do not wish to take part, simply select "jump to my next career event" from the pre race menu, one caveat to remember is that, for multi-race and championship invitationals, if you take part in the first event, you will not be able to skip the invitational, and you will need to enter that event, whether you drive in it, or just simulate or exit the event it entirely up to you though!.

Like the primary championship, the invitationals also carry accolades, bronze, these can be viewed from the accolade page in the career section of your driver network page, use the button listed in the top right hand corner to switch between gold, sliver and bronze accolades, I am unsure of what affect these have on the game, apart from counting towards a trophy or achievement.

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the secondary invitation goals ... shown on profile how does it work iam confused

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Winning the events open invitations to new events.

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Thanks that as quite useful. Nice work