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17-05-2015, 07:12
So i was playing an online race with my friend, we were two persons agains't 14 AI drivers at the Le Mans track (full track). These are the details of the session:

24 Le Mans track
10 laps
70% ai
GT3 cars
only 1 classification of 15 minutes

2 Random Weather
Weather progress x15

December 31, 2014
16:00 start time (classification)
Time progress: x10

So the thing is that the whole weekend was like this:
Fog + Heavy Rain
Fog + Thunderstorm
In a lapse of a 40 +/- race (which is understandeable with a x15 weather progress)

But the A.I didn't seem to be affected by the condition, i decided to change my tyres to wet, and they were even worse than the soft! what??
In the straights they always were getting cold, and just at the end of sector 3 they were getting warm.
The AI (like 3-4 cars) decided to pit at the end of the lap number 1, was this some sort of strategy? what tyres did they start with? what did they get? i can't even know cause there is not an option to do so.
My ****ing engineer won't tell me if there is going to rain, or what's happening with the race. He just tells me "the car in front of you is 7 seconds ahead, just keep pushing" and when i leave the pits i get "your pace is a bit to slow, try to do better next lap" and things like that. Only once he told me 'we are getting rain the next couple of minutes"

The rain ended, there were already no signs of water in the circuit, neither it did when it was raining, just a bit. How comes the wet tyres are worse than the soft in rain/thunderstorm? how can i keep them warm? they were always cold.

17-05-2015, 11:06
The AI not being affected by weather is a known issue, the other issues I dont know about.

17-05-2015, 11:09
Once again with 80,000 "pc master race" testers you thought one of them would of noticed this.

17-05-2015, 11:18
A lot of bugs in the game even with all the delays. Tire wear doesn't seem to work properly either. Some cars also seems to be somewhat bugged. Like the Ford Escorts collision physics seem crazy. One bump and it flips up in the air so easy. Also the Caterham Seven Classic seem to have weird tires. Takes so much to heat them up. Maybe it is hard in real life to heat up the tires on that car but it feels wrong. Also feels like the Caterham losses grip when the tires are warmer.

Hopefully we will get some bug fixes soon.