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17-05-2015, 11:41
Hi all,

I'm Pierre from Belgium. I play on PS4. My name on PSN is; desopit

I have a few suggestions (or questions of how to find and apply it in game).

Is it possible link the pit strategy and the setup together.
In the setup the tyres are (for exemple) 90's slick, 90's wet. But the pit strategy allows you to use soft, medium, hard, wet, intermediate and extreme. The pit strategy should only show the possibilities given in the setups.

Is it possible to save the pit strategy per car, and not for all of them. Because it is a long list (clio fuel, clio damage, clio soft+fuel, clio hard+fuel etc etc. And the same for all the other cars... They all show up, regardless on which car i created them.)

Same with the setups. For the setups, i can't find how to save specific weather setups. I will create a setup on Spa in the rain. But i cannot save it. And when i look it up after the race, i found a setup named Spa, but apparently it is done on all my cars. (But a open wheeler does not have the same setups as a GT3)
Shouldn't it be better to allow us to create setups, and save them under the name we want. (And also, the created setup can only be applied on the car on which we created it)

(In this i mean the car in itself, not per livery)

Is it possible to have an option with automatic wipers?
I'm driving with the hood view, so I don't need it, and I can't see if it's on or off. But i also like to create videos of the races, like it would be on TV), and it's annoying when I forgot to put the wipers on. It would still be realistic, because it's a technology that already exists and is used on cars. And as in the game, the AI have them on when it rains, I don't think it would be difficult to add the option "automatic wipers" in the menu. (And this would also give us a button more to use).

In multiclass races, is it possible to have different colors when we are looking at the times? (Or have cat a, cat b, cat c etc). So we can easily see which one is in which category.

I know it is a known problem that is already answered and stuff (but I didn't understood the answer)...
The lights of AI in bad weather (fog and rain).
I'm not a gamer, but a motorsport fan. And I'm not used to terms like clipping and framerate. So can someone explain me in "normal" words why it can't be done?

Talking about the lights brings me up to the fact (also already asked) for flashing lights. (By holding the lights button for example. When we quickly push it, it's on/off, and when we hold it it's flashing) if this is added, please don't forget that flashing don't influence the back lights.

Is it also possible to make the lights in the mirrors more powerful? It's difficult to see a car coming until he is only a couple of meters away...

Concerning the pits. Is it possible to add a more realistic use of the pits (not talking about the mechanics). I understand that it might be difficult to let us drive in the pits. But it must be possible to let us drive to the speed limit line (and forcing is to be under the speed limit when we cross it), and that the game takes it over from there. And the same for the exit, that we can drive directly from the green light (where there is no speed limit anymore). Because for the moment, we can enter the pits at any speed, and we exit them really slowly. (Im not asking to drive in the pits, but just allowing us to do all the way that is not speed limited).

What also would be great, is letting us choose in which gear we want to be for rolling starts, and when exiting the pits. Because now we must focus to switch the gear as quickly as possible in some cases...

For rolling starts, they should start later... Closer to the start line. And we should have the manual control sooner. Because if we're in the middle of a corner at the green light, it's really difficult to have a good start. (For the cheaters, there are penalties for jump starts at standing starts, so this can be applied as well if they accelerate too soon).

Considering the weather, is it possible to have a forecast of what will come? We can have a 1 h race starting with overcast. But we don't know if it will be clear up, or starting to rain. Which really changes the setups we want to put on our car. It should be great if we could have the current information, and the expected for the race. Something like rain expected in 1h. For long endurance races, it should be displayed for the first 3h, and for the rest, just a general expectation. I don't need this to be really accurate, but it would be nice and helpful for the setups. (And only visible when we are in the pits, and not driving.
When we switch on ai driver (for endurance races) we should be able to see things like this.

The AI should have mechanical or tyre failures as well. It would be nice to see one of them going back to the pits with a flat tyre. And having a white flag to show us that there is a slow car ahead.

I know I wrote a lot, so thanks for reading. I hope i will be able to have answers on the above.

Kind regards,

Pierre-Yves (PS4; desopit)