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17-05-2015, 12:09
It's only been a week and already there are dozens of facebook groups, websites, event pages, etc trying to organise groups racing with clean racers because the multiolayer is not doing a good enough job.

Can you please put an end to this by including an in game race club system so people can sign up to clubs who like the same things and then host private club only races for any members to hop in and out of as they wish.

Making people advertise on websites or facebook pages etc is just a fault with the game mechanic not doing a good enough job and brining people together. You will alwyas have elitist players who have facebook pages etc but for me I created a group page solely to find other players who like to race clean but I wouldn't have done it if there was better in game mechanics.

I thought Project Cars was all about organising races ahead of time, where is all the support for that? At the moment all I can see if random lobbies with little to no place to organise events or anything.

18-05-2015, 16:54
I've now started a club offline and reaching 100 members soon but my friends list is getting messy, organising time and events is hard work, we need something in game to allow crew members to see each other without filling up a friends list so we can see who's online from the crew/club and join there lobbies easily. Also a Crew only option to lobbies instead of just public/private.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. This feature is so desperately needed even in the most basic form of just club name and members that's it. We don't need fancy social media chat features as much as we need just the basics of what brings a club together.

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18-05-2015, 18:18
Club features would go a long way to keep organized racing in the game. I agree it would be nice to add these features but hopefully after the basic online play has been stabalized.

19-05-2015, 07:38
I agree stability first. These are the problem I have running my club.

1. We use a website to advertise when races will be (third party setup in no way connected to PS4 or Project cars is a bit clunky to get people organised)
2. We have a PS4 group message going but the maximum people that can be in it is 100, well our club is already close to reaching that after just 1 week
3. When we host races we do it in a private lobby to keep out none members as we focus on clean racing only, problem with this is even if there is space in the lobby members can't join mid race without an invite so constantly checking chat for people who need invites
4. Everyone needs to add everyone as friends, my friends list is messy enough as it is.

I see all of this easily solvable.

1. Create a club "ABC Race Club"
2. Invite members "no need to add as friends because they are members of the same club"
3. Setup lobbies with "Club Only" status

This is the very basics, we don't need club chat boards, club logo's, any fancy stuff, just the very basics for organising races. Later on you might expand on it and put in club calendars etc to organise events but we just need something very basic fast otherwise clubs will die out as they are too much hard work to manage. I spend 1+ hours a day just keeping members up to date, adding events to the website, adding friends, sharing messages in group chat. I'd rather spend that time racing.

How this was overlooked is beyond me, Project Cars is a sim racer built by racers??? Racers typically take sim racing seriously and are organised so why are these features that allow organised racing missing. Is it platform specific issue. Other games have clans why can't we have clubs?

28-08-2015, 06:31
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