View Full Version : game issues XB1

MFP Dark One
17-05-2015, 13:11
bug 1 playing game have car in automatic shiftting in races and i have foun the playing the HISTORIC TGA EVO2 the mercedes in career mode the round went very well got to round 2 and the the car tryed to go in to 5th gear but it jumped to 6th gear spun the car out and then went to nutral

bug 2 driving the ford esscort 1972 in career mode race the first race went well got to round 2 and then the car would not go above 102 MPH

bug 3 altho this maybe just my driving as it has only happened 3 times so far how ever i break i turn left then try to right but the car just starts to turn right then just swerves to the left very sharply

have gone to solo mode and bug 1 and 2 dont happen it only happend in career mode so had to abadon the races which was a bit of a pain in the bum

can any one else comfirm these bugs

and yes i am aware of the bad gramer i am dyslexic so this is the best discription you will get