View Full Version : Generic setups need fixing!

17-05-2015, 13:23
Am I right in saying each car has a generic/default setup for each track? As in; the default setup for a car is different for every track?

Well if so, some setups needs serious tweeking! Sometimes the same car is uncontrollable on certain tracks. Yet so easy to control on others.

It's doing my head in. The game seems very inconsistant.

Well I look forward to a patch soon guys, game is great, just needs some polishing tbh.

Siberian Tiger
17-05-2015, 13:26
The Cars has only ONE Generic Setup without taking the Tracks into account.
It would be to much work to do a Setup for every Car on every Track...

It's a big part of real life racing to setup your car...

Do you struggle on something specific? Just ask here in the Forum and the Setup Guru's well lend you a helping hand :)

17-05-2015, 13:53
Hmmm ok then.

It's just say for example Snetterton the caterham handles really bad, I mean I struggle to keep it in a straight line, trying to enter and exit a corner is a task. Even at low speeds of 20/30mph is handles horrible.

Then when I used the same car at another track like Doninton, feels like a totaly different car. I mean totaly different.

Maybe it's not the setups then? Maybe a bug else where?

The different in handling and feel of the same car at a different track is so far apart it feels silly!

Siberian Tiger
17-05-2015, 13:56
Donington and Snetterton has very different Track Characteristics...

Donigton is more a Highspeed Track except the last Chicane. (GP Variation)
Snetterton does have many low Speed Corners where you easily can unsettle your Car..

Which Car you are driving?

17-05-2015, 13:57
Also at one track I cant remeber which tbh, 3rd and 4th gears were basicly the same ratio and at every other track ive tried that seems to of fixed itself?

So in that race I basicly was short a gear!

Edit: caterham classic.

Yeah I understand different track characteristics, but this is a total car changing feeling. Even driving in a straight line the car feels different on certain tracks.

Siberian Tiger
17-05-2015, 14:03
That could be a Gear Failure that you was expecting...

Most Peoples tend to downshift to early and to hard which can lead into Gear Failures...

Ohhh, Caterham Classic... It's a Lightweight Car and can be unsettled very easy...

Can some of the Setup Guru's give some tips?
(Im not an Expert on Car Setup's^^ I'm also still learning)

1st Tipp is to lower the Tire Pressures a little Bit... (I think...)

17-05-2015, 14:26
Not a gear failure, happend at the start of practice, quali and race.

Also im now racing at silverstone with the caterham and it feels the best it's felt.

I know each track drives different, but this is a serious major change in car characteristics on different tracks.

17-05-2015, 14:45
Now im doing a few superkart races. First two races have been perfect, now im on the 3rd and as soon as I start on the straight the steering randomly wants to flick all over the place....wtf.

I hope this game gets patched soon, or it's gona be another Driveclub. One minute wonder before everybody trades it in! ��

17-05-2015, 15:01
Sometimes with the caterham Classic the 4th /3rd gear ratio is set the same. Always check the setup before going out on track and make the adjustments.

17-05-2015, 15:16
Also noticing that the first lap of a race with warm tires, feel soooo much more worse than driving on totaly cold tires. How is this gaming even making any sense at all.....

18-05-2015, 16:51
Playing again today. Been using the bac mono for a fee races im career and it's been great.
Now on my current race any slight brealing flicks the back round and any light throttle does the same. A totaly different car to what it was past few races.

I can't even complete ONE lap!

My mate is also have this same issue.

The cars are so inconsistant!!!