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17-05-2015, 14:11
Hi Guys
I hope someone will reply to this post, since nobody replied to my last one
can i get from someone a feedback about the madcatz on the X1
and the best settings to have a decent experience?
the steering wheel is still on the box ready to be unpacked and used:-)
thanks in advance to who will help me

17-05-2015, 14:28
I use the Mad Catz wheel on this game and my advice would be to take It out of the box, plug in to your xbox and load up Project Cars. Go to settings, and calibrate the wheel. Have a few races and see how it feels, if needed make FFB changes to each individual car depending on how you like the feel of the FFB of the wheel. Everyones experiences with wheels will be different depending on your own style of racing, so without trying yourself you can't find the best settings.

17-05-2015, 14:32
thanks tubbychris1 really appreciate
but what about the FFB how do you recognize when you have to act to fix it?
i would like to know how i could recognize the problems,
anyway thanks a lot for your help

17-05-2015, 14:37
try the FFB settings on this thread if you want to make FFB changes


As mentioned on the spreadsheets, if you feel too little/much FFB then make changes to the master FFB and sop for each car

17-05-2015, 14:39
see you on the racetrack then!

17-05-2015, 14:42
By the way, I have found the settings on the spreadsheet to have too little FFB for my liking on the MCatz, so I tend to add extra to both the master scale and SoP scale i.e. the BMW 320 is set to 40 but I prefer it on 60. But again that is down to personal opinion/likes.

17-05-2015, 14:44
of course, but at least i can have guidelines:-)

18-05-2015, 20:29
did any of you with the Madcatz download the update? My peddles now go from 0-100% with little movement . I tried to recalibrate 5 times but didn't fix it. I just wanted to know if anyone else ahs this issue. I was going to try and return the wheel to the factory settings when I get home tonight.

18-05-2015, 20:40
Did you mean the pcars update or has there been a madcatz update? Talking of which since the wheel came out there has been no word or even rumour of an update or add ons .... �� for the xbox1 I mean

18-05-2015, 20:53
Ignore last post I've just seen the post about the update... lol