View Full Version : If all the last position drivers dont quit, that will be great.

17-05-2015, 16:18
So many sore losers. 16 drivers in, ended race with 8 because all the last positions quits the game. So frustrating.

Fernando Pedace
17-05-2015, 17:42
Best way would be recording "quits" into player stats, and if thats affect player "reputation".

of course, if we had a player reputation system and if that influence in matchmaking (or even with better admin controls... e.g: you're not allowed to join because your reputation is bellow "x") :p

N0body Of The Goat
17-05-2015, 17:49
Microsoft Gaming Zone rating system ftw, you quit, you get an "inc." Every so many "incs" your rating drops, IIRC ;)

17-05-2015, 18:06
This is in very Game the Same Problem before Loss the Players Leave the Session so Penalty this also.