View Full Version : Weird Acceleration Bug?

17-05-2015, 17:33
Hi all, I'm completely in love with project cars despite all of its little issues, but this bug completely stops any playability in races.

Basically, as I apply the brakes the car slows down as it should, but as soon as I lift off from them the car gains acceleration. As this happens the car goes at what seems like as fast as I was before entering the corner, and then a few tenths of a second later returns to the speed it should be at. This makes it near impossible to get any enjoyment out of tracks, and you don't want to try Azure Circuit when this is happening either... If you can't put a finger on what I'm saying, it feels like I've got a nitrous boost whenever I come off the brakes, then the game snaps back to reality and slows me down.

Thankfully, yet at the same time strangely, this bug only happens for me in single player, so I'm able to get some enjoyment out of multiplayer. It doesn't matter what car I use or the circuit involved, or the amount of AI that are racing or the graphical settings, this bug always occurs. Oh, not in time trial though, this is strictly career/solo.

I suppose I should add, when I'm going through this momentary boost of speed after braking, the AI's speed is completely unaffected. It leads to a lot of incidents but also indicates that it's not just an issue of lag.

Is anyone experiencing this too? Or have I been dealt a short straw :(

17-05-2015, 17:49
I have the same issue every now and then. I find after making sure all app is closed it runs better. Good luck.