View Full Version : Career Mode - Failed to save the data & Corrupt save file

17-05-2015, 18:30
So I've been playing the career mode for a few days without any major problems.
But now every time I start up the career mode it becomes unplayable.

Let me explain. The game tries to auto-save, like it always does. But every time it tries to do that a prompt comes up saying "Failed to save the data. Do you want to retry the save?" And no matter what I choose (yes or no), when I select the next event the menu is then glitched and I can't do anything anymore.

When I try to reload the save after that it seems to be corrupted. I can "load" the save game, but it says my current season has ended (even though it didn't) and wants me to select a new season. But again, no options available. Seems to be glitched.

I hope someone else has had this problem and has a solution. Because career mode is unplayable for me right now.


18-05-2015, 11:41
*bump* anyone?

09-06-2015, 02:43

I have the exact same issue. I did the Karts, Super Karts, Clio Cup, Ginetta G40 all completed seasons. I signed a new contract for the GT4 series, tuned the FFB then tried starting an event but the same message pops up saying "failed to save data....." (all while the save icon is moving in the corner). I deleted that seasons save file, re-signed the contract, went to re-tune the FFB - guess what, it says "already exists, overwrite?", (even though the first time it said failed to save)? Went to calendar, crash, can't do anything but close the game and reboot.

I've tried for 3 days to get it working, restoring an older save and re-reaching the same point (GT4), same crash (making it 10 times re-signing the same contract. Should I try re-installing the game data? It's the disc NA version.

EDIT: I reinstalled the game and loaded up my save from before I reached GT4 series. I tried entering the GT4 series and it froze. Deleted that save and tried the LMP protos instead, I got to do one weekend fine but it froze on me when starting the second.

23-06-2015, 03:59
I'm having a similar problem on Xbox onemajor glitch in game. My Data won't save at all please fix asap I love this game but you need to fix it. After 512 megabytes it won't save I had to restart. The game ive lost everything208782