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17-05-2015, 19:09
super disappointed - I have a full sim setup that I loved while playing Gran Turismo, with a G25 and playseat - this game really had my hopes up after no replacing my PS3 when it crashed - but still no G25 support and Sim racing games just arent the same with a controller.

17-05-2015, 20:17
That will newer happen.
Sony cant be blamed for not wanting to support or even sell/buy licenses to peripherals that are no longer supported by the manufacturer.
Get a decent wheel and pedals instead. A Thrustmaster T300 or Fanatec. Pedals are what ever you want and the wheel support.

17-05-2015, 20:21
Unfortunately it wont happen. If you are on a budget or just dont want to spend a lot, check out the T100. Most inexpensive wheel with FFB.

17-05-2015, 21:35
I'm currently using my G27 on ProjectCars on PS4.

I've been playing DriveClub, and The Crew with it as well. I bought a "TitanOne". It's essentially a device that lets you remap the ps4 controller buttons to the G27 (or any other controller). There's some things about it that I didn't know when I bought it, but it doesn't overall, they don't out weigh the benefits of being able to use my G27 again.

Basic down sides I've found so far are:
1. You need to use a computer as a middle man, so you have to always have a computer running the software so that the controller is authenticated.
2. There's a TINY bit of getting use to when your using the program. It's not 'plug-n-play', there's some settings to tweak and a tiny bit of research to get it up and running.
3. The biggest down side (as of today), no FFB. This REALLY sucks, because you don't get a feel for the road with the wheel, but honestly, it's a small price to pay to be able to use your wheel again.

Obviously if you don't have a G27 or something, you may be better off investing in something that is supported. But if you already have a G27 that is just collecting dust, like mine was, then the TitanOne might help you out. I think it was like $60 when I ordered it.

Things you may hear about it when researching it are things like, deadzone or input lag. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT. There is 0 input lag, but there IS a tiny bit of deadzone with no scripting involved. I did a bit of research and found a script that fixes the deadzone, so the wheel is 99% working, aside from no FFB. $60 solution if you already have a G27 and don't want to spend on a new wheel.

18-05-2015, 16:25
I recently bought a Thrustmaster t300rs and it is awesome, if you have the money you should really buy one

18-05-2015, 17:04
Dont pay no mind to the ppl that say "itll nvr happen", cmon, how the fk do they know....

One thing I do know, as far as a working driver binary is concerned, is that the PS4 is pretty much a PC this time around, and since a PC driver not only exists for the G27, but is supported by this very game, I dont think there is much of a technical hurdle (unless PS4 is not an x86/x64 based processor).

Sony is just being greedy, plain and simple. They lied about the security chip (most of those Thrustmaster wheels, and all the Fanatec wheels were designed for the PS3 back between 2009 and 2011).

Whatever you do DONT BUY A NEW WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Otherwise your supporting this behavior, and it will likely continue.

If Gran Turismo 7 abandons the logic wheels, a game that has supported pretty much every Logitec wheel, and the G series were desinged in concert with PD, then I'll surely never own another Playstation (bought my PS3 for GT5 originally).

Though if I can get a PC rig finished before GT7, then thatll be my jump off point, ill sell my PS4 to finish the build and play ProjCARS. Fk U sony your not the only sim in town no more.

18-05-2015, 17:06
How many steering wheel threads do we need?

18-05-2015, 17:06

18-05-2015, 17:08
How many steering wheel threads do we need?

Enough to get are Got Dam Muthafkn wheels supported. Wheels that cost more than the consoles they were purchased for.

18-05-2015, 17:14


Enough to get are Got Dam Muthafkn wheels supported. Wheels that cost more than the consoles they were purchased for.

Last I checked this wasn't a Sony or Logitech forum.