View Full Version : Car Setup Tuning Tips for Beginners

17-05-2015, 19:27
I am no hardcore Racing Player, but I really like the game and would like to know a bit about the car setup without going too much into details.

-which of the possible changes are useful to adjust for somebody just wants to enjoy a few rounds and which are quite more for advanced racers
-what changes can be made to make the car accelerate more or to get more top speed
-what changes make the car have less or more onder or oversteer?

Just some basic tips on how with a few tweeks a car might suit better the needs for a certain track

It would be great to get some basic tips without getting too much into details

Thx michael

17-05-2015, 19:30
Maybe best and simple guide:
Advanced Setup Matrix (ftp://www.jatekok.hu/hf1l/files/SetupMatrix.pdf)