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17-05-2015, 20:04
Just did a 40 lap GTR 3 same class race at Oulton Park Int., which was bloody brilliant until...
I had set the tire wear at "x4". I started with medium tires and i guess the AI with soft tires. In round 12 i crashed into a slow driving car that visibly drove on his rims. The damage was minor so i drove back on track and resumed my race. The next lap i had to zig zag my way through slow driving cars which tires were blown up. Seems like a bug to me?

Khyber GT
17-05-2015, 20:43

18-05-2015, 14:47
I have seen something similar in a 3hr endurance race at Sonoma.

19-05-2015, 19:52
Here is a pic. I started the same race with same conditions: Tire wear = x4 and i started on GT medium slicks as the race was 25 laps. My position till lap 9 was 4th. The three guys in front went into the pits. But here i catch a dude at the other end of the track and he is driving slow(!), sparks coming from his car.