View Full Version : Gears ratio messed up during career/ player car hitting wall exiting pit in Spa

17-05-2015, 20:26

I ve encountered the following issues these past days,

In career mode, in any session, practice, qualifying or race, my tuning set up won t save ( i know it has been reported ) but the problem is that even if i don t tweak the car at all, the gear ratio will be messed up.

3 cars now are showing having gears 4-5-6 with the same ratio. 2 of these cars we re only tweaked in my garage outside of the career mode for ffb settings so i don t have to do it on every track.

And yes, i didn t mess with the gear ratio before you ask.

another issue is my car is always hitting the wall in the curve before exiting the pit on Spa. I don t have manual control of the car when this happens.

Thank you

17-05-2015, 20:48
I too have that pit lane exit problem at Spa...