View Full Version : PS4 Clipping Bugs?

17-05-2015, 20:54
I may have found a couple bugs with the CLIPPING settings in the FFB CALIBRATION menu.

-- 1) if I adjust the clipping settings the wheel tension becomes WAY too strong. I know, these settings can effect that....please keep reading.

-- 2) Once the Soft Clipping is changed from default, the minimum setting becomes 0.10. I can no longer set back to 0 (default value).

-- 3) If I attempt to roll back the settings to original, nothing happens. FFB tension remains way too strong. Only way to fix the issue becomes the RESET button in the CONTROLS/CONTROL SCHEME menu.

Don't know if the issue is in the Half Input or the Full Output, but I have isolated it to one or both of these settings (process of elimination).

Using a T300RS. Don't think it would matter, but in case, I'm also using T3PA & TH8A.

I've been working on FFB settings for both PS4 & PC. Tried bringing some PC settings to PS4 things went crazy. After trying everything I could think of, I finally reset, re-calibrated, worked fine with default values. Adjusted FFB settings,.... super strong FFB, Tried again one group of settings at a time, and everything fine till CLIPPING.

Hope this helps. Should be easy to replicate.

Thanks for the support & the sim!