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17-05-2015, 22:31
Evening fello racers.....im going to do a lobby every evening 8.30-11pm GMT GT3 class various tracks....just for fun at moment till I can get some regulars on a daily basis....Had close to a full lobby tonight and I have to admit I was impressed with how 90% of people are clean racers...if anyone is interested in doing regular race's then add me up MDH PYRO and if your online when I start lobby I will chuck you and invite.......and lvl racer welcome....there will be 15 practice followed by 15 mins qualifying and race's will be 10 laps...pit stop are not mandatory at moment

18-05-2015, 18:15
send me invite , luv the GT3 class, and so sick or racing one or two guys
Ill add you when I get home

Me = oneBIGkicker

18-05-2015, 18:26
Added mate

Adamski Alders
18-05-2015, 19:02
Can't guarantee I'll be any good or challenge for podiums but I'm interested in playing more online races - found it quite empty whenever I've looked online for a race.

Gamertag - Adamski Alders

18-05-2015, 19:07
Game is new to me also mate...Im still learning the handling aspects and tracks...hopefully when my wheel arrives tomoz or weds and its setup I should also be more competitive....Your added mate

Adamski Alders
18-05-2015, 19:11
Cheers, think I'll get in a quick practice in the GT3 to familiarise myself with the car again.

18-05-2015, 20:24
I'd be interested in this too. I've added you as a friend. Gamer tag = rockme71.

18-05-2015, 21:27
I would be interested.

Gamertag = f22ace

18-05-2015, 21:38
Im down to race
Gamertag: H00NIGAN
the 00 are zeros fyi

18-05-2015, 21:48
Had a good few races tonight....Only issue was people having to leave session and rejoin to be able to leave pits....and a few races had 13 drivers so. Nice and clean racing is what its all about and tonight showed just how well people can race...will be doing same again tomoz if anyone wants to join in

If we can get a full lobby I will stream it.....im new to Twitch so people with have to bare with me whilst I set it up lol

18-05-2015, 23:03
add me, yeah buddy 408

19-05-2015, 05:47
add me, yeah buddy 408

Added mate

20-05-2015, 16:31

20-05-2015, 17:35

Gamertag xxxLeoxxx

20-05-2015, 22:54
you guys should check out my league the EPSL one of the cleanest racing leagues on xbox. www.epsl.webs.com www.epslr.webs.com