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17-05-2015, 22:40
Hi all,

I have a question about this trophy. So I started the game with the Renault Clio Cup, missing the karts out. I'm now in year 4 in Formula B, however I've realised this trophy apparently only unlocks if you start at Tier 8 (Karts) so my question is can I go back and do those Kart championships (as I still get contract offers from them) and if I do will the trophy unlock if I then get to LMP1 championship and win it within 10 seasons?

Also I guess we could use this thread for any other trophy/acheivement queries.

Full trophy list can be found here: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/project-cars/trophies/

26-05-2015, 05:54
I think you have to start from Tier 8 and work your way up.

07-01-2016, 01:30
I started career in Tier 8 lowest Karts won LMP1 World Championship in 3rd season I have not seen this trophy or achievement at all !
On PS4 !
Just curious ! :confused:
My bad won LMP1 World Endurance Championship not LMP1 World Championship as of yet.
Duh ! :rolleyes:

07-01-2016, 02:43
I got this trophy after a season at:
s1. 125cc Karts
s2. Supercarts
s3. Formula C
s4. Formula B
s5. Formula A
s6. LMP1.

Im currently on S7 still in LMP1. Wanna get my defend a championship 3 seasons in a row.
Then I will do WEC, then work my way down to LMP2, GT3, GT4 and so on.

Im super suprised that SPA24, Dubai 24, BRNO 12h are not in career mode?
Or i havent seen them.

11-01-2016, 06:32
Humbly acquired earlier today ! :cool:

After LMP1 World Championship - Round 5/5
Shared YouTube vid: https://youtu.be/8yMQ3-il1D4
Race 2 which begins at about 6:15 where I start 20th on the grid was an exciting race against the AI and a good test on the mechanical tuning setup of the Audi R18 e-tron quattro at Le Mans ! :cool:

Thanks to all here for info and that check out the YouTube vid ! :cool:

God Bless !

Love You All ! :cool:

Happy New Year ! :cool:

11-01-2016, 20:12
I did my Project CARS Career aiming for all historic goals.

Season 1: Hence started from Tier 8 in 125cc Shifter Karts.

Season 2: Accepted a contract for 250cc Superkarts.

Season 3: Accepted a contract offer for the Formula Rookie

Season 4: Accepted a contract offer for Formula Gulf 1000

Season 5: Accepted a contract offer for Formula C

Season 6: Accepted a contract offer for Formula B (I won the Formula B World Championship hence that makes a first win and one of the three disciplines required for triple crown goal as that is the first motorsports discipline starting from tier 3. It may off course be GT3, LMP3 etc…

Season 7: Accepted a contract offer for Formula A (I won the Formula A World Championship hence that makes one more to go to fully achieve the triple crown (need to win tier 1 LMP1) and two more for the defending champion).

Season 8: Renewed Formula A contract (Won the second year Formula A World Championship. That’s one away for the Defending Champion)

Season 9: Accepted a contract offer for a different team with the Formula A (Won the third year Formula A World Championship and so that’s the defending champion historic goal accomplished as I defended my Formula A World Championship three years consecutively).

Season 10: Final season to achieve the Zero to Hero. I had to make this count so obviously accepting a contract offer for a LMP1 vehicle. I got the Audi DLC so I accepted an offer for the Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro LMP1. That car was a beast. Here I won the LMP1 World Championship, so that means I achieved Zero to Hero as I won it within ten seasons as well as also achieving Triple Crown as I successfully won three championships from three different disciplines, in my case it is the Formula B, Formula A and the LMP1. So you see how this example shows how all three historic goals tie in together.

And so that is how I aimed and achieved all three historic goals.

This route I took to achieve all three historic goals was a bit risky as I used Formula A as my base for the defending champion utilising three seasons for this. This means I only gave myself one season (i.e one shot to win the LMP1) but luckily I won. And before you ask, I had no assists and the AI was set to Ace and the race distance was at 100%, so I made it a full on experience. It wasn’t easy and to top it up I disabled Restarts right from tier 8 to tier 1 to give myself a one shot approach, so if I made a mistake I had to really fight for my position or if I unfortunately crashed I had to force retire. But luckily nothing drastic happened to me during my time during the LMP1 WC, just a challenging AI to beat and maintain my performance.

I could’ve used LMP1 and attempted to win that three times in a row for my defending champion historic goal but I wanted to use it for Formula A as this is my favourite class and wanted to make the most of further opportunities for the Formula A before reaching season 10 in which it was time to move up the ladder once more. As I mentioned earlier it was risky leaving myself only one season to win LMP1. But I wanted to do this to give myself a sense of Michael Schumacher type achievement, as off course Michael Schumacher dominated Formula 1 so I wanted to kind of do that to form my virtual motorsport footstep as the same as MS. Obviously he’s won more than three but none the less try to match it in with the correspondence to the description that Project CARS gives to the Defending Champion historic goal which gives reference to Michael Schumacher.

Because I love Openwheel classes, my career undoubtedly followed the routes in the Formula vehicles. Although you can progress to other fields after superkarts to touring instead of Formula Rookie. I wouldn't mind starting another career aiming for Zero to Hero but this time from Superkarts go to Touring rather than Formula Rookie, and then after get to the endurance championship and then LMP1.