View Full Version : Another AI question

17-05-2015, 23:25
Ok, so I run at AI 71%. I can lap some of the AI on some tracks with some cars. That's fine.

I looked up and got a setup guide. Using the old one from GTR2, loved that game.
Also changed my g25 for a brand new g27. Love the new wheel.

I know that I am faster now, and I am much smoother. I know this because I do not have to work as hard driving my car. My wheel is much more silent. Meaning I am not fighting the car. Most all corners are yellow and some are red (driving assist)

Question on AI.

When I change the setup on my car does it change the AI as well? I was killing AI at 71% and now best I can do is 2nd. I swear the AI got faster as well. Sounds crazy, but I swear it is true.

I looked around have not seen any posts about this. Most are complaints about AI. I have no issue with AI and how they drive. I am only curious if my changes are global changes in my game.