View Full Version : Digital vs Disc, Versions Differently Buggy?

Agent 21
18-05-2015, 01:47
So I got the digital pre order version on XB1 and like seemingly everyone else have had the "this game is virtually unplayable due to controls" issues. I worked around it and got a manageable setup for the time being until it's patched, but I was pretty pissed the first few days but now that I can actually drive after the control tweaks (they not ideal as I had to turn all assists on and that's total opposite of how i play) Im addicted and can't wait for the patch.

However, my roomate just got the game on disc today and installed it, it installed an update (I'm assuming the day 1 patch, which I also have installed), and he hasn't touched a single setting and it drives like a dream, like we all expected to when we played. And like apparently it DOES feel for PS4 and PC players.

So could the digital vs disc versions be different somehow? He played the game with me launch day and hated it as well. He was going to buy it next day and said "screw this, this blows" (direct quote haha). But when I told him I figured out settings to make it feel good he bought it, except his has been good from the start?

18-05-2015, 02:21
No mention of you playing his version? You are roommates after all and that would be the very first thing I tried. To answer your question; there is no difference.

He is probably trying to convince himself that he didn't make a mistake buying the same game that he knew was incomplete, buggy, rushed, garbled, insufficient, crude, unpolished, deficient, half assed, substandard, flawed, lacking, faulty, broken, garish, tawdry, inadequate, second-rate, shoddy and problem stricken. He had the chance to try it before he bought it and still, for some reason paid 60 dollars for a game that his roommate is having trouble with.

Agent 21
18-05-2015, 02:35
I did try his for a minute, but he was using the R8 (which is a pretty tough car to drive normally, but super fun) and had it on manal with the shifting on the bumpers. It was throwing me way off and then he went to work, so not an accurate feel at all. But he's been perfectly able to play from the start, and when I DLed mine it was all of the frustrations described in these threads, and he experienced the same thing as me. The first thing he said was "I think the latch is out cause mine DLed an update right away and I have no handling probs at all (but he does have the steering lock and not full stick range use).

18-05-2015, 02:45
Look man, as I have said before.. I am top 10 on three tracks. I use the controller. The game is still awful. I don't want to lap every time sounding like a wood pecker tapping the shit out of the stick just to keep the car straight. I don't want to correct the car every time the steering decides to full lock in one direction. I don't want to deal with the car darting left or right until it's straight. I'm not pissed because I'm not good. I've tried three tracks and topped all three. I don't want to COMPROMISE. If the game simply sucks, then tell us and I will move on.

The UI is garbage. The sliders are garbage. Most of the secondary functions of the game are garbage. Other than the sound of the Zonda and Sauber Mercedes, I cannot find one single solitary attribute to this game that is outstanding.

I've been around racing all my life and I know many professional drivers. The only thing this game is simulating is the pratfalls of putting money in the wrong places. Read some of my other posts. If I had a video game production company I would never have released this game in its current state. I don't really care about the 60 dollars lost.. What I do care about is the trend I am seeing in video games. Games are being released to market that have no business doing such. The production companies get the benefit of releasing their product to market and can simply patch it as time goes by. It seems there is no pride in making a quality product anymore. I don't know about you, but I fight for what I think is right and I always will.

Leroy Funkdafied
18-05-2015, 02:57
I've been around racing all my life and I know many professional drivers. The only thing this game is simulating is the pratfalls of putting money in the wrong places.

This is the best line I've read since I've been lurking these forums.

Agent 21
18-05-2015, 04:46
Dude I totally agree. I waited for this game for years, it sounded like my dream game for consoles finally since I'm not a PC gamer and they get all the SIM sims. But I was genuinely pissed when I first played. To the point of regretting buying the digital edition (first time I've ever bought a digital edition game aside from the $5-10 sale ones) because I couldn't get $ back (without jumping through hoops with MS, which is worth $60 in itself to not deal with haha). I have, after hours of testing, gotten the controls playable, and it has me enjoying the game from a "seeing the potential" standpoint, but I shouldn't have to spend hours tweaking the GAME setup to just DRIVE NORMALLY, I should be spending hours tweaking the CAR setup to be able to get a little extra grip or acceleration or whatever.

I have made the best of the bad situation, and I do love most of the stuff about the game, but the glaring issues on the XB1 version are pretty hard to forgive. I understand things slip through testing, but this game almost felt/feels BETA stage with all of the handling and bug issues. It was delayed and delayed, so why not delay again and finish polishing instead of out it out in this state? It seems very hard that testers would play this and think this is a finished product and bug-free.

That being said, the devs communication here, and swift response to the pressing issues on this version of the game, and finding a fix and getting a patch out to fix it taking top priority over all else, that gets a lot of respect in my book. Plenty of other games in history have ignored issues altogether. At this point I've taken the "sh*t happens" attitude and am just going with the flow until the patch is released and we can (hopefully) enjoy the game as it was meant to be, as we expected it to be, and as other versions already are.