View Full Version : Online matchmaking with player skill rankings?

18-05-2015, 07:43
Why can't any racing game come up with something like this? Like fps games. I love racing online but random lobby's suck, there's no system in place to keep people playing fair and honest, and you have no idea how good or how bad the racers are in a lobby, making for boring racing, among other issues.
Some true skill ranked matches would be awesome, just let the game randomly pick a different track and car every 24 hours and that would be the ranked match of the day or something like that. You should get one 30 minute session to set your best qualifying time for the day and that will be used in matchmaking to match you with similar skilled opponents. All those things people talk about like how often you quit, how dirty you are could come into play when matchmaking happens. And we could have a skill rating system that takes into account your average finishing position and also the quality of your opponents based on their qualifying time. any thoughts? Or is this just crazy talk lol