View Full Version : West Coast Old Man Driving Club

18-05-2015, 07:47
Anyone West of the Mississippi interested in forming a driving club? Nothing as serious as a formal league or set races and standings --- just creating an email list for folks to subscribe and see if other folks are online and interested in MP races. I already have a handful of guys I am converting from AC slowly but ideally a group of 20 to 30 makes for good, reasonably organized race sessions. We are all on PCs and I think the game doesn't cross consoles so I guess you need to be too.

Evenings are most likely --- if you're like me you need the kids to get to bed and to crack a cold one before you can settle into some driving. I seem to make it online by 8:30 Pacific and that is more or less the norm for the group I have been driving with.

Respond here or PM me (if this forum has such a thing) and I will add you to an email alias we are using.