View Full Version : Career Mode name duplication

18-05-2015, 11:00
Not a huge issue but for some reason the name is displaying incorrectly in career mode.

It's showing my first name twice instead of my first name and then last name i.e. David David.

Anyone else getting this?

Siberian Tiger
18-05-2015, 11:05
Where does it show's your Name like that?

In a specific Social Feed? Team Engineer Email?

Never had that Problem...

18-05-2015, 11:30
I had the exact same problem, and my second name was used as the '@WMD_' username, and it showed up on the social feed

X30 Nemec666
18-05-2015, 11:40
Yes on the Social Feed very often

18-05-2015, 11:44
Everywhere, on the social feed, on the tables before, during and after races.

It's really annoying.

19-05-2015, 12:24

26-05-2015, 12:18
Siberian Tiger - any ideas?