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18-05-2015, 11:23
I'm having an issue racing the Clio Cup on Oulton Park.
Basically, during the race, it begins to rain and after raining for about a lap, the track becomes entirely undriveable.

I put this down to lack of experience on the track and even less in the wet, so I cancel the race and switch over to free practice, racing the same track, in the same conditions (set the track to fog with rain, just like it turns part way through the race) with the same car, with the same tuning setup loaded.
I put in about 20-25 laps trying to get my braking points right, when to power on, etc, and about 2/3rds of the way through, I'm posting times on the wet track that are only 1-2 seconds off my dry laps in the race.

I switch back to the race to try again. it starts raining and I immediately can't drive the car at all. Touch the brakes lightly, the wheels lock up and I fly into the nearest wall.
Back to practice. Same deal. immediately put in the quick times.
Back to race. Same problem.

Basically, I am finding a major issue when track conditions in a career race and in free practice are identical, but the car behaves entirely differently.
Essentially, what the bloody hell is the point of practice mode if you can't actually practice your race conditions?
Is there something I'm missing here?
Is it a bug?
Is it a poorly coded practice/race session?

18-05-2015, 11:27
are you changing your tires from the dry to wet ones in the race?
In practice you're probably starting on the wet tires so it will be different.

18-05-2015, 11:27
Are you sure you are using rain tyres in your career race ?

18-05-2015, 11:27
I would assume you start race on dry tyres whereas in practise you will be on inters/wets if you start it with rain.

18-05-2015, 11:28
Dry tyres in the race, wet tyres in practice? Start the race on wets

18-05-2015, 11:58
I started both on wet tyres. I changed from auto by weather for the race, to manually picking wet tyres, so unless there is a bug switching them back to dry tyres, I should be on wets.