View Full Version : This game gives you the best feeling a game can ever give you

18-05-2015, 11:27
I played all kinds of games, like everyone here. Shooters, rpg's, etc.

But.... Dubai track, 1st lap at full speed someone pushes me off track, hit the rail hard, had to pit as i've lost the steering. Obviously I couldn't win the race, even though there were 20 laps. But it's hard to beat that feeling when you lose a ton of time, and somehow you manage to put some nice lap times, catch the vilain and pass him on the breaking zone at turn 1 when he couldn't take the presure and hit the brakes way too late. It gives you that... imma come get you son, you just wait.

Figured I could share this little story with you lot. This game can frustrate you but also rewards patient and intelligent drivers.

I just love it. Thanks SMS!

18-05-2015, 12:23
I feel the same way too.

I was in a lobby racing superkarts on laguna seca pretty much all afternoon and what a thrill it was!

The game does reward patience and intelligence as you say. For example, at the start 30% of the grid including myself stay behind whilst everyone else charges for that infamous first corner.

As you'd expect the poor guy in first gets rammed as a substitute for brakes, soon enough there is a pileup of kart's all over the place.

That's when those who stayed behind cruise past waving :cool:

18-05-2015, 12:26
Totally agree with the posts above!