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18-05-2015, 13:26
Why a game can be officialy out with all of those bugs ? I have some valid questions here and i would like some answers if possible.

1. QA \ testers : What they did before the game was released ? Did they try the game to its full extent or they just did the minimum required ?

2. Developpers had plenty of time to correct issues. To me the release was rushed to make early money.

3. RESPECT : The Ultimate Driving Journey is clearly The Ultimate Driving Pain for now. Releasing a game that is not even polished at 50% is a great lack of respect for the customers. Its sounds like : we launched a nice trailer, lets take everyone money and check after. Even the intro video is false advertising as the pseudo in game footage of the video was cleary not taken with an xbox one. We do not get those graphics while playing the game.

I was in a Quality Assurance team before. Not for video games but it is almost the same process for anything. And cleary I would have not accepted the release with the current situation.

Let be clear : PC is more powerful its ok and your game apparently is working well on PC. But consoles exists for gaming and i like that and I have an Xbox one. If you knew that you would have difficulties porting the game to console, best thing would be to step back and stay on PC. Xbox one owners and PS4 owners are on the same boat. You treat us like we are a second hand customers who pay the full prices for games.

If you have respect to your customers and followers , please give us daily update. Stay in touch with microsoft and do your QA job. Call them once per day and do what customers want : daily updates

18-05-2015, 13:27
Sorry to hear you feel this way, have you tried reinstalling the game and hard booting? Sounds like a texturing issue