View Full Version : Opposite Lock Hell

18-05-2015, 16:09
Opposite Lock Help's setting doesnt save between game boots; Always resets to ON.

Turning this setting on makes the car impossibly twitchy to control with a pad. So, it being buried under Advanced settings, and being on by default is quite peculiar, and having reset to on is suspicious.

This only reinforces my theory that this game was purpously designed to not play well with a controller to boost wheel sales. Watch I garuntee that it will be magically fixed in a patch down the road, but damnit this is a state of the art sim running on a console, there is no reason whatsoever it doesnt drive flawlessly with a pad. I wont believe for a second no one noticed in countless rounds of testing that something was amiss, Im just not that niave, especially when DriveClub does steer flawless with a pad (I said steer, not handle, I know very well it is not a full sim).

18-05-2015, 17:03
That may be true if there were FFB wheels available for PS4. T300 out of stock every where and being priced gouged when you can find them (at least online) No B&M carries them local. And my DFGT sits collecting dust. I had to by a t80 to hold me over which will eventually become as useless to me as the DFGT.

18-05-2015, 17:19
Yeah sony fkd us man.

Build a RIG! Its delayed gratification, i cant just run out and buy one either... and fk GT7, we got ProjectCARS now. Also, Codemasters is making a new Rally SIM, another reason to have a PC, not to mention the F1 series (though there a bit hardcore, theyre still fun).

Shit the PS4 is 99% a PC this time around, even Sony is doing it (heh).