View Full Version : The game is pretty good and its just been released so give it a chance

18-05-2015, 17:00
when i first got the game i was not very impressed either.But after reading the fourms and finding some pretty good controler tweaks this game shines.And take my advice and do as they say with the controler settings..plus if you have not already updated your xbox one controler do SO !! it made a big improvment for me. I play the game without asst. and do fine driving the cars.It just takes some patients and pratice learning the different cars and tracks.I love computer racing and run iracing alot but always wanted a xbox game that you could just sit back on your couch and be lazy and play with a controler...but be more sim like computer games...this game fits that well..I love the freedom of the game with being able to set your own races up the way you want..after some patients and really getting into the game i think most will love this game if they will just give it a chance..its only going to get better with patches and dlc..so be patient friends...get to know the game..learn the game..get the controller update...tweak controls to get the most out of it and i think most will like it..