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18-05-2015, 17:26
So I've been playing for a little while now and finding a room that you like can be an exercise in frustration. The game can be challenging enough with any level of assists and preferences you may have, to be a fast good racer. The problem comes in when every room your find has a host with different preferences of what is and isn't allowed. It's an unfortunate downside to the awesome upside of having so many options to be set. You just don't have enough time sometimes to see all the options that the host is using before the race starts, and before you know it your in a race with no ABD, TCS, or SBM, and hey, lets top it off with forced inside view, a track your not 100% familiar with and no qualitfying session to learn it in before the race start (as one of my most annoying examples). Even without being so extreme it's annoying to learn how to race a car with no TCS and SBM and then get forced to use them in another room, and then not allowed to in another.

TLDR: Give more search options, ones based on settings similar to what the host has available to make a room, and then the option to say "it must match what I have in my preferences", "it doesn't need to match", etc. Oh, and let those preferences be saved, so we're not picking them every time we go to look for a race.

19-05-2015, 14:36
I think this thread would be more fitting in feature suggestions.

But i have to agree with you the search options are very limited at the moment.
Another problem i didn't see before is the search option for server pings. I joined a few servers where i liked the car/track combination a lot but it was just a giant lagfest because the host couldn't hanlde the 15+ cars on track. It was impossible to drive even one clean lap because the other cars where just jumping around.