View Full Version : Loving the game so far, here are some more features I'd love to see added...

18-05-2015, 17:26
1. Randomised online grids, for sessions without qualifying.
When time is limited, and you host sessions without qualifying it would be great if this was an option - without it players are always placed on the grid in the same order.

2. Saved replays don't have the drivers names above the cars, and you can't cycle through the viewpoints of different players
I've saved lots of early replays of fun races I've had with friends, it's a real shame that when you watch them back (or try to record footage from them) the player names are no longer displayed - it would also be great to cycle through the perspectives of different drivers - especially for video recording.

3. It's a shame that outside camera views get a better digital speedometer than in-car views
Personal complaint of mine, this was also the case with DriveClub originally but it as addressed in a patch - I haven't looked deeply into the HUD UI customisation options in Project Cars - so apologies if this is already supported! I find the speedo with rev counter a lot more useful than the smaller version that just displays the gear change light.

4. The ability to restart an on-line race without loading back to the main menu
It takes a while!

5. Camera and Control configurations REALLY need to be available via the pause menu in-game
Please make this happen!

6. Moving the in-car seat position is a fantastic feature, but I wish I didn't have to map permanent control buttons in order to perform this
Again, it would be so handy to be able to tweak this in-game via the pause menu, that way I could save up to 4 control mappings for more useful features that I use more often.

18-05-2015, 17:31
ooh and one last one!

7. Sync to Race Time Feature
The "sync to race" weather feature is one of the coolest options I've ever seen, it would be great to do the same thing with race-time, so you define a start and end time and the game "progresses time" in-line with the stage of race completion - might be a bit tricky to find a way of doing this nicely, as the rate of time change could be uneven, but it would still be the coolest feature ever.