View Full Version : [TUNE REQUEST] Formula Rookie - Catalunya

18-05-2015, 18:03
Got a lot on at the minute at home so don't have the time for tuning/testing, been hot lapping Catalunya GP & National when I get the odd half hour spare, I was #1 on both but I've been knocked to #2 on the GP circuit and #12 on the National circuit. I set my times in a default tune but there are a few "custom" tunes above me on the Leader Board and I know some of you enjoy tweaking the hell out these cars so if anyone fancies having a go at knocking up a tune at some point that would be cool, when I find a car and track combo I like I can be a pretty consistent driver so the feedback might be quite helpful to you also as a tuner. I'm in no rush as I'm tied up this week with work and this coming weekend I'm riding to Ireland on my motorbike but I think I'll be spending a fair few hours on Pcars next Tuesday or Wednesday as I've got a couple of days off work.