View Full Version : Cockpit views - Mirrors

18-05-2015, 19:12
Iis there anyway i can change the width of view - from the cockpit cam i'm using i cant see the wing mirror, only about 1/4 of it and when i change the graphics options the seating view seems too distant and the LCD display is even worse (see other cockpit view thread)....its a nightmare in the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 as the wing mirrors are out on stupid aero stalks which means i'd need to engage extra-widescreen mode to see anything - also does the McLAren not have a rearview mirror.?

18-05-2015, 19:25
You can change the field of view in the graphic menu. Did you allready use the full range of options there?

18-05-2015, 19:46
Or you can just add the virtual mirror at the top and it covers all three mirrors.

19-05-2015, 06:48
I've got the hud showing a rear view but it doesnt show in the game - i've also tried moving it in the HUD options but again, nothing in car - all i can get is 1/4 left mirror. I can change the depth of view speed sensitivity but that about it - i was hoping to find a nice level wher ei can see the mirrors and still read the LCD dash.

I havent found a virtual mirror - are you referring to the rear view? if so i cant get it to show on the MP4-12C GT3