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18-05-2015, 21:20
Hi All,

First off I'm not new to racing simulators. I have been struggling with this game (pre ordered from Amazon) since I first installed it. After searching through hundreds of topics on hundreds of forums my Mrs actually found a thread with a similar title about the game size being only 18.1gb.

I was really struggling with the game & thought there was no way I have lost all capabilities of driving (considering I have driven competitively in rl). After so many hours of frustration with the game I was about to give up until today. My friend bought the game online (digital download) and I checked his game size today & sure enough there it was 18.5gb. So on the phone to the Mrs & sent her hunting.

I have already unistalled & reinstalled the game (although NOT the game save) before I did the work around. I let the game fully install before playing it also.

After going through the aforementioned thread I did the hard shut down & unplugged for around ten minutes. Sure enough the game (although it didn't say it was doing an update) was 18.4gb. Now that's all well & good BUT when I drove on my friends game - OMG it was a different game! It was so much better & more realistic & I finally saw a glimmer of hope. Soooooooo after following the instructions on the other thread I got all gooey & excited thinking all would be well in my sim world again........ NOT TO BE

Please is there anyone out there who is experiencing the same kind of issues? Anyone know HOW to get the last .1gb??

Driving is very erm well driving on an ice rink (including on warm tyres). To give you an example. Formula rookie at Snetterton on the 18.5gb (friends game) I could drive faster round the lap on cold tyres than I could on warm tyres on my game(18.4gb)!!

I can't be the only one having these issues & I'm sure there is someone out there with the answers. I've not come to start a flame war because I think this game has massive potential, after the go I had on my friends game today I know this could be truly epic. I just wish I could play it.

I'm very glad (obviously) that I haven't fully ran out of talent but ANY help you guys can give me is a massive help.

Many Thanks


Im Sorry
18-05-2015, 21:29
Have you downloaded the free packs from the Xbox store? If not that's your missing .1g!

18-05-2015, 21:42
You are Kidding me?!?!?

I've just downloaded the Lycan & liveries & it's gone to 18.5! It feels better but still not 100% - I have the silly steers when it wants too bug (used 0 deadzone to workaround) and a few little bits. It is much better although it still feels different to this afternoon playing on my mates.

Thanks for you help though - I was pulling my hair out!