View Full Version : Multi-class racing is incredible

18-05-2015, 22:39
Done a few races in Solo (Race Weekend) at Monza with different classes of GT cars in the race. Then at Monaco with different classes of Open Wheeled cars, starting at 3pm and x60 Time Progression. Monaco at night is something else by the way! Makes me wonder if they might try for a one-off F1 night race there in the future, that's how Bahrain started as a night race after all.

Words can't do justice to fighting with different tiers of car in the races. It's refreshing if you fancy something different. Depending on what you're driving, some cars will breeze up to you with alarming ease, and others you will pull away from. It's a lot of fun.

I do have a question though, I did an online multi-class race with a mate a few nights ago. We were in GT cars, and while there were other classes of GT cars, there was also a few Open Wheeled cars in our race. In my Solo multi-class weekends, I've only had all GTs, all Open Wheeled cars. There hasn't been an Open Wheeled carin a mostly GT race or vice versa for me in Solo. Anyone have any idea about that? We had it happen in that one race online so I'm not sure. He set it up, perhaps you can pick each individual AI's class, I don't know myself.