View Full Version : Suggestions for Console Versions

19-05-2015, 00:49

I'm enjoying the game a lot and just to give some ideas to make the game better for console:

1. Offline personal leaderboards per track / race class. It would be nice if you could save your own times, per car, per track and per class so you can compare between your own performances. I don't think I stand a chance vs. online pros in hot laps, but at the very least it would be good to see my own performances to see if I'm getting better with my times or to see how I do with different cars on different tracks.

2. Use second player controller to map out the other controls. I noticed there are so many mappable controls which I can't use because I simply don't have enough buttons on my pad or wheel. So why not allow the user to map player 2 just for all the other mappable actions?

I hope You guys can consider these ideas. Great job on the game! I'm playing on Xbox One btw.