View Full Version : Main menu highlight issue

19-05-2015, 02:34
First of all thanks for an amazing game. Been waiting forever, just wish there were some Corvettes. ;)

Along with most of the common issues user are experiencing, one thing I've noticed is the highlighting on the main menu never follows the row I'm moving across. Example: starting on "Career" and pressing right goes in this sequence: career, solo, (down to) create then community events. If I start on "New" and go the same direction it goes like this: New, (up to) Solo, (down to) create then community events. I can go and start in another spot and it will never highlight in a straight line, always jumps a row.

Sorry if it's a repost.


19-05-2015, 02:57
It entirely depends where the highlight was last in that row on where the highlight will follow.

19-05-2015, 09:05
Yep, it's not very intuitive. The highlight tries to stay on the same row as much as possible, but moves up in a column with less rows.