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19-05-2015, 04:32
The game is starting to grow on me. I was a little hesitant at first as it seems like a steep learning curve. I am no pro but have played every Gran Turismo and every Forza so am also no slouch. It just seems like some of the cars are so NOT fun to drive. I have had the same issue as many that have to slow way down for corners that I believe I should be able to take much faster. As many have commented on, I feel like I cant turn the wheel enough to make it around some corners. I have calibrated and confirmed that the wheel is configured for 900 deg of rotation. The Karts are fun and the GT3, LMP1, LMP2 cars are great fun to drive but so far anything else is a handful.

I am getting a little frustrated with the (my perception) ongoing problems with community events and time trials. It is my favorite feature of games like this because I am generally not good at online multiplayer events. So I like to pit myself against leader boards. I hope the developers find some fixes quick to give all players an opportunity to race against the leader boards.

The developers would be wise to post a complete explanation as to how each FFB setting in the menus applies to wheel response. Also it would be nice to see a general plug and play setting that would make the wheel respond and feel the same for every car and every track so someone like me can jump from LMP1 to road cars and not have too much difference in feel. I realize that this game was designed to be the polar opposite of this as it aims to be as close to real world as possible but to have an option to make it easier for the person who just wants a fun experience all the way around.

The graphics are awesome. The multiple views available are great. I have chosen the helmet cam. I also like the blur effect while in helmet view as well as the slight turn of the head into corners.

The interface could be a little less confusing. Kind of a little lost as to how to get into calendar events I am invited to etc. I am sure this will just take some getting used to.

Time changes and weather are great. Missed this in Forza 5.

I am dissapointed that the Limited car pack was only available in the UK. As a player in USA I would have gladly paid to have the extra cars... (Update, I just found the car pack in the PS Store. As Emily Latella would say "Nevermind")...

As of now I am glad that I bought the PS4, wheel and the game. Lots of money to dish out to play one game but I am not unhappy at this point.