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19-05-2015, 07:02
I'm a complete noob at the sim racing games (played Forza etc in the past, albeit with assists), so thought have a crack at Project Cars after seeing the previews. Off I go racing in the Renault Clio Cup with the only assists been auto gears, traction and stability, Jesus did it take some getting use to and tweaking the settings to suit how heavy my thumbs are on the pad (PS4 user).

Not once could I get on the podium with opponents set to 70, always leaving me after or at corners and me just generally been poor and coming off the track A LOT!

So having a play on free practice I thought "F It!" let's try all assists off barring the gearing, now been what I consider a noob I had no idea how much of a difference this would make. Instantly my reaction was "Wow! I can drive how I want" as I am quite aggressive and brake late and get some nice speed in the corner, before the stability and traction would just not let me do this, so now I'm slowly getting faster and faster and moving up the list getting on the podium a few times.

Has anyone else had this experience where come in as a novice sim racer with some assists on, but then turned them off and found it to put it simply easier to handle the cars?

19-05-2015, 07:14
Assists actually make you slower, but they can help with things like locking the brakes and wheel spin, which is more of an issue for specific cars and the setup/tuning.

For example try the McLaren F1 and see how that compares to the Clio Cup, the difficulty is on a different level.

19-05-2015, 07:22
The first car I tried everything off with was the Caterham 7 as I read a thread saying it was a nightmare to drive, but I loved it