View Full Version : pedal setup for t300rs

19-05-2015, 11:51
I've tried many things with the wheel options and improved almost everything i had trouble with. One thing i can't figure out is the sensitivity of the pedals. Throttle for me is hard to handle. Seems like the first third of the way the pedal moves transmitts more Power than the other two thirds which makes it hard to controll when Not in full throttle.

Any suggestions on a Setup i could try?

19-05-2015, 12:14
Have you calibrated them? Options -> Controller -> (Triangle I think)

I managed to break off one of the nuts in the housing on Sunday. Ended up having to take it apart to make a replacement from some big washers & bolts, now have bolts protruding from the pedals much easier for me to mount - anyway, in doing so I managed to totally mess up the break (no signal was sent to the PS4 or PC)!

It's a VERY simple mech for the pedals - a cog. As it turned out, in getting it put back together I managed to rotate the cog out of position.

So if the calibration doesn't help & you still have issues.... maybe you could open it up & check the rotation of the cogs. (dunno about warranty - but the pedals are cheap compared to the wheel & I've read of people reciving replacements w/o returning the pedals)

Before you open it, it might be an idea to slowly move the pedals on the calibration page - you'll see where the dead ranges are. Another place is on the telemetry - In the top centre, you see the how far open the throttle is (green) & how much breaking you're doing (red).

If you do open it, beware of the loose spring (adds extra tension to the break); it should stand up easy enough in the grease, as you put the the pedals back together. Also try to calibrate with the case off, but be aware that the casing depresses the pedals when you re-build it - so you need to take in into account & add some play; make sure there's no signal on the calibration screen for the first few mm/cm of movement of each pedal.

Hope that help!

ETA : One other thing - each pedal is held into place on with large pin - make sure they align with the sides or the pedals, as they can stop the casing from closing if they protrude one side or other.