View Full Version : Driver swaps

19-05-2015, 19:02

sorry if this has been asked before but are driver swaps to a human (online) planned to implemented and if so when?

19-05-2015, 19:20
Are you talkimg about swapping with another online player ?, or swapping locally

19-05-2015, 19:40
Sorry I was not clear but yeah online would be awesome to do some endurance races online.

20-05-2015, 00:54
Yeah that would be quite epic, having a online buddy take over in a endurance race

20-05-2015, 15:36
It would be epic and it's something that has been discussed heavily on the WMD forums during development too which we're hoping to see come in the future! No proper word as to whether or not it is going to happen other than that the devs have been looking at the possibility of it in the future. Definitely something that will massively improve online endurance racing though!