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19-05-2015, 20:49
Our League Starts this Sunday we have 2 more spaces and if we have enough interest we will make 2 divisions and even more if needed. We are clean racers and have practice sessions sharing set up data to make races even more competitive, we race every 2 weeks on a Sunday starting this week 19:30-21:00 we have 15 minute qualifying sessions and a 25 lap race followed by a 5 lap sprint race.

We don't just race for ourselves we have also drawn teams to bring in a very tactical team battle, so we have drivers and constructors championships.

We do casual races in the week and practice session as well. A friendly bunch of people.

We have the world record at holder at road america race track Tango_iced (PS4) in our racing league also, if you don't believe me check it out. So come and join and have fun and race hard.

see the website http://thegentlemenonlineracingleague.my-free.website/contact

We also have a Facebook group

This is the first league we have ever put together and would love for you to come along and enjoy the Race.

All contact info on site add me on PSN JamieF86 I will introduce you to the team :)

Martini Da Gasalini
19-05-2015, 20:54
NICE, thanks for the info

19-05-2015, 21:02
NICE, thanks for the info

no worries hope to see you there with a full grid of 16 on Sunday