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19-05-2015, 21:48
First post...been lurking for years watching development of this sim...and now it's finally here.

95% of my entire lifetime gaming has been racing or a form of driving. I played every GT game that was ever made on console. For the computer racing vets around here, I played NR2003 since it came out. Raced iRacing as well...don't anymore but that's a story for a different day.

In my opinion, this is the best racing simulation ever on the console. The positives far outweigh the negatives, although if you read the forums it doesn't seem like it. I have been thoroughly impressed with just about everything in this sim. To me, the best part is the sound. They actually sound like the metal racing beasts they are and not like weedwhackers on about every other console sim I've raced. Whoever did the sound composition...sit back and drink a beer...you really outdid yourself.

The graphics are top notch. Absolutely zero complaints. With the PS4 we kind of expect the games to look great, but this is awesome. Never have I seen the marbles outside the racing line modeled before, its attention to detail that really sets this sim apart. Even though it means my raceday just got a whole lot worse, the damage modeling is fantastic as well.

Physics: Well...absolutely nailed it is all I can say. Each class of car handles like I think it should...heavy stock cars slip and slide when they're on edge...lightweight Formula A cars will spin on a dime if you haven't learned to go easy on the throttle coming out of turns...and LMP1 cars will bottom out like a madman on the Nurburgring...etc, etc.

I will also say that this is the most punishing simulation I have ever raced. To do well, and have a chance at winning...you must be perfect. Which...much to the disdain of a lot of my buddies...is quite true to life.

Sure, there are bugs. Main one I have noticed is the lack of effect rain has on the AI, but this is already known about, so no need to beat a dead horse.

Overall...I am highly enjoying playing this sim and it is what I'll be playing for a long time to come. Much props to the devs...y'all hit a home run.