View Full Version : Letīs give em even more LOVE :love_heart:

19-05-2015, 21:53
Ive seen a few positives today, but i think you SMS/WMD guys deserve even more! :D

IM happy for you! And im happy this game is so fantastic, i cant stop driving, so addictive.

Ive even read stuff from the feedback from Hamilton and Collins, intresting stuff.
i recommend it to enyone wnting to know more about the tire model.

Link: http://www.wmdportal.com/projectnews/project-cars-driver-feedback-compilation-available/

Again thank you, you deserve the :love_heart:

Looking forward to the DLC stuff :)

19-05-2015, 22:00
:love_heart: Love from Germany aaall the way to the rainy UK ;)
Keep up the good work SMS and WMD members, Mods and all productive forum users. Its a pleasure to be a part of this community! :love_heart: