View Full Version : RUF RGT8 @ Watkins Glen

19-05-2015, 22:09
Hi everyone. Here's a short video of me driving the RUF RGT8 around Watkins Glen GT. This is mostly just a way for me to get used to the PS4s video editor, but maybe someone here will appreciate it. It isn't anything to show off how fast/slow I am or a specific tune, just something to share.

FWIW, the car was stock with extreme summer tires.

I will be posting more. Let me know if you want to see anything.


19-05-2015, 22:32
Awesome. Love Watkins Glen.

Brent G
14-06-2015, 00:00
Just raced the RGT 8 road car for the 1st time, at Brands Hatch. Of all the cars Iv'e driven this Ruf seems to have by far the best FFB. I could feel everything it was doing and this made the car so much more easy to drive on the limit. You could feel everything from a touch of brake lock up to when it was grabbing for traction. I dont know if it was the particular car/track combo or If the FFB settings are better calculated on the Ruf but I do know that if SMS can patch the game to achieve the same feel on all cars then Ill be as happy as a pig in $h!t

14-06-2015, 04:25
Watkins Glen. First time I've raced there tonight in any racing game. Let's just say with the Z4 GT3, with the T300rs...it's fxcking glorious!!! Probably one of my new favorite track!