View Full Version : My brainwave of a sim,

19-05-2015, 22:16
I know most gamers would try and make driving games as realistic as possible,when I bought the madcatz pro wheel and pedals at Xmas,It just didn't feel right,sat at the sofa with it on my knees or rested on the coffee table,then I had this thought,my teenage son had grown out of his bed,which was a formula car bed,treated him to a new one,took his old one into my workshop and started my project,203556203557
It's almost finished but functional now,surround sound speakers fitted on all four corners of the car,centre speaker fitted at the rear of the car for engine effect,led lights up clocks and dash now,with a 52 inch panasonic TV mounted on the front of the car,my wife and kids think I've lost the plot,but the reality of it is,it's the nearest I can get to driving any car in the world,beats sitting on the sofa,
Thanks for looking,,,russ