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20-05-2015, 06:48
Just returning from hols after missing launch. I still dont
see a facility for doing multi setups ie v1,v2, v3 etc like in GPL , GTR et al
Surely I dont need a notebook to keep track as I develop the
car. Am I missing something. Interested in your comments
or advice

20-05-2015, 06:52
At the moment you have to save different setups to different tracks. So for example if you have a second setup for "Hockenheim GP", you can safe it under "Hockenheim National". This gives you 70+ different setup slots per car in total.

We are looking into improving this though.

20-05-2015, 06:56
Alternatively, what's wrong with having a notebook?

I have hundreds of notebooks full of notes on things ^^;

20-05-2015, 07:26
You must be an accountant LOL


20-05-2015, 07:35
Thanks Elmo. Still doesn't feel right though. I would have thought that after 3 years + this would have been a given. After all every other racing game has it. Most surprised that given SMS attention to details in nearly all other areas this seems a strange omission. It just makes doing setups a more time consuming task and then finding each version will be a nightmare. I just wonder if its because of the console versions and the PC was forgotten. It just takes the shine off a remarkable game.



20-05-2015, 08:10
There are a lot of things that I considered a given that isn't in the game. Viewing telemetry details from a replay in the pits after running some laps (Currently you can only view live on the lap your driving which is crazy), setting up mandatory pit stops in a race when setting up a race weekend (Solo or multiplayer), recording of personal best times for tracks outside of Time trial mode, recording best time for a particular car on a track (Consoles only record best time per class per track, ie only one time recorded per class leaderboard).

I do love this game though, it's fantastic but there are a lot of basic things that should be standard in a game like this which have been omitted.

20-05-2015, 08:26
1 record their own time?
Exit back and you do not have to save !!
What do you spoil?