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20-05-2015, 08:20
Hello anyone ordered of the playseat store website. just hope it's genuine as its based in Netherlands and can only pay by paypal or bank transfer.

If anyone's ordered or delt with them in the past please let me know thanks!


Max Kelly
20-05-2015, 08:26
I ordered on playseat Italy and it was fine, I paid with paypal.

20-05-2015, 08:42
I have ordered on the Playseat website and it came from Netherlands, no problems at all.

Olijke Poffer
20-05-2015, 08:49
Playseat is a safe web shop. No worries. It is welknown here in the Netherlands. And as far I know there are no problems with this web shop.

22-05-2015, 11:41
Thank you for all your help! Can't wait for it to turn up, hooked on project cars!

22-05-2015, 11:59
Can confirm, Good company.

Franco Ferrari
22-05-2015, 13:35
I ordered mine on May 20th on Playseat Italy, payed with Paypal.
Yesterday they shipped and it will be here tomorrow or monday.

It looks like they have a partner in each country, since they shipped mine from Italy.

22-05-2015, 14:41
I also ordered directly from Netherlands and got my playseat pretty fast :)

Little Llama
22-05-2015, 14:49
I ordered Thrustmaster TH8 from http://www.playseatstore.co.uk/ (The Official Online Store of PlaySeat)

Stated on advert "Free Delivery Worldwide within 48 hours".

This is day 3 and the FedEx site says it was shipped Economy/Weekday only and it is still in Stansted. After reviewing my order to make sure I hadn't mistakenly read the delivery times I noticed they had charged my 20 for shipping on top of the item!

I got in touch with their sales rep on the website "LiveChat" who was slow to respond and only gave me the FedEx tracking number. When he eventually understood why I was speaking to him (about the delivery fee and overdue item) he told me I had to email support =\

Overall - a very underwhelming performance in this day and age... I am still waiting for a reply and my product =[

(Before fanboys appear and teach me the joy of patience: delivery hold ups are normally not an issue with me. But being charged 20 where I shouldn't have been charged at all for an economy grade delivery when promised 48 hours is worthy of a moan)