View Full Version : Multi-class racing in single player

20-05-2015, 09:10

Just started playing pCARS a couple of days ago. I tried to do a longer multi-class race in Solo "Quick Race Weekend" gamemode. When selecting the opponents class as "multi-class" I didn't find a way to specify what classes the AI can run.
I selected the BMW Z4 GT3 and AI's were mostly either GT4 or GT3 cars. But there was one Trans-Am class car and a few Ford Capri's as well.

So my question would be - Is there no way I can specify, what classes are present in a single player multi-class race? It just selects classes close to my selected car automatically? I would have loved to have a bunch of Clio cup cars with GT4 and GT3 cars to have some traffic with really different speeds. But didn't find a way to do this when setting up the Quick Race Weekend

Max Kelly
20-05-2015, 09:47
for now it is not possible to specify the class.
In the future we hope yess